TRAGER for Daily Life Classes

Imagine yourself with a clear mind, a light spirit and a peaceful yet lively body…

Maintaining a good quality of health involves being aware of our tension habits and knowing how to deal with them. The TRAGER for Daily Life classes propose simple movement explorations and/or mindful touch experiences that enhance attention and foster feelings of relaxation, energy and ease.

Being tense often includes the action of holding our limbs weight or body mass. Playing with gravity – sensing the ground under our feet, swinging a leg, wiggling an arm, dropping a shoulder – helps release even long lasting tensions. Class participants discover how to listen to their body cues and adapt the TRAGER moves to their personal condition to feel the positive shift. This process brings the mind into focus, in a state comparable to meditation.

The TRAGER touch helps a partner feel the qualities of well-being while sitting, standing or lying. Using undulation motions, elongations and compressions, the students learn to soften their hands and recognize the mobility degrees of the person receiving. A safe space is created in which it becomes easy to let go.

Presented in diverse formats, these classes are tailored to meet the participants’ specific needs. The skills developed can easily be integrated in everyday activities to improve the quality of life in all kinds of contexts.

At the workplace ● in art form expressions ● in stressful environments ● when in need of clear thinking ● in family settings ● during sport or performance practices ● in times of life transition cycles ● while caring for sick people, children, aging parents ● in the midst of anxiety periods ● at the computer ● while experiencing pain, fatigue or a recovery process ● in daily tasks and domestic logistics ● when learning to deal with solitude ● in the course of healing from an addiction ● while resting ●

No prerequisites required.

Trager For Daily Life Class