The TRAGER Approach

Repetition of gestures and posture habits can cause discomfort, limitation feelings and pain. In order to fully experience the richness of our capacities, we need to explore new avenues.

Becoming more attentive to self while adding new moves to our accustomed repertoire « wakes up » the nervous system and stimulates the formation of more functional brain connections. No need for big changes to feel a tangible improvement of well-being – noticing tensions as they emerge and moving in a slightly different way than usual can be enough to transform our life.

The TRAGER approach was created to be a daily practice. Milton Trager (1908-1997) was born with a congenital spinal deformity, he overcame the challenges of a rather sickly childhood through playful movement explorations and a conscious search for fluidity, alignment and stability. Aware of the power of the mind, he discovered a simple and efficient way to use it in his healing journey. With practice and patience, he achieved the athletic shape and graceful dexterity of a dancer and gymnast. First as a lay practitioner and then as a medical doctor, Milton devoted his life to sharing his knowledge and his wisdom with his clients and students. Strategies to raise body-mind harmony and the quality of the TRAGER touch to convey this experience to others are part of his valuable legacy.

The Trager Institute was founded in California USA in 1980 and is currently named Trager International. Thousands of people have been trained to become certified TRAGER Practitioners throughout the globe.