Move to Calm Your Mind

Class Theme: 
Mental calmness
Language of Instruction: 
Class Date: 
Sunday, January 14, 2018 - 02:30 to 04:00
$ US
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Feeling heavy, unsettled from the past year's events?   
Lingering Holiday stress?         
 Learn how your body’s natural movement can lighten, free and calm you in your daily life.  The life-enhancing principles of the Trager® Approach will teach you how to:
Release the weight of habitual tension
Achieving a positive feeling 
In a peaceful atmosphere Roger will guide attendees through simple and playful movements to elicit a lighter and easier way in being. Surfing a path of no resistance we will soften stiff, achy areas of held tension. This pleasant process will begin to give way to a renewed sense of living in your body, one that is more relaxed and enlivened. You will take with you a few self-care tips to seamlessly infuse into your day at work and play. With a bit of practice you will be able to develop long-lasting positive habits toward your optimal wellness!