Mentastics - Lightness, freedom and joy for your BodyMInd and Being

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General Class intended for everyone
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Class Date: 
Saturday, October 17, 2020 - 08:00 to 09:00
Burgh Haamstede



Freedom, lightness and joy for your BodyMind and Being

Mentastics®, developed by Dr. Milton Trager, brings balance and health to our body/mind through effortless movements, awareness and re-educating the unconscious mind.

Easily relieve everyday stress that builds up in muscles, joints and mind. Simultaneously enhance good body posture, grounding and self-confidence. A great way to learn the knack of “doing without doing” in all your activities staying healthy and balanced.

“There are two basic principles in Mentastics: The first and most important I call “Hook-up” When one hooks-up with the energy that surrounds us all. Then one comes into a finer state of being…


The second basic principle is to allow the movements to happen. Do not try. To try is effort and effort creates tension “- Milton Trager


Mentastics proved over the years to be beneficial for chronic neuromuscular ailments, such as back-, neck-, shoulder- and knee pain, RSI and fibromyalgia as well as stress-related conditions such as headache, insomnia, burn–out, depression, MS and for sports injuries prevention and performance enhancing.

These self-help body movements relieve and let go of unnecessary tensions that have settled down in your bodymind and manifest themselves sometimes in stress and chronic pain.

We perform simple movements without effort thus rediscovering our natural posture through awareness and feeling weight, focusing on lightness and ease of movement. Regain vitality, joy of movement and awareness in your daily activities by recalling the postures and movements you experienced in the Mentastics class.

It's almost magic how such easy, light & simple movements as Mentastics can have such a deep and lasting effect! From my first class with Satsavya I could feel the changes in my posture, in the way I walk, sit, stand.Wonderful also that there is no special time needed to ‘practice’, I simply integrate it into my daily life. So easy it can be.

Gatha, Belgium

I came to Satsavya with sleeping problems. With Mentastics first of all I became aware of how I live in my body and that I am using so much unnecessary effort in my muscles and bones! Now standing and sitting in my natural posture I feel so much more relaxed in the day and sleeping is getting easier and easier. Top!

Arie de Koning, The Netherlands


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