Exploring Mentatsics movements versus traditional stretching exercises

Class Theme: 
People living with reduced mobility
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Class Date: 
Wednesday, December 8, 2021 - 18:15 to 19:00

 Trager for Daily life- virtual group facebook chat 

In Canada, more than 20% of adults suffer from chronic pain and have been suffering for 10 or more years. The cost of pain management appears to have skyrocketed with chronic pain sufferers paying out almost 17000$ Canadian a year, from their own pockets. On top of this high cost it is estimated that 75% of those suffering from chronic pain need more pain management option, but do not attempt them, because they simply cannot afford to try anything new. There is a little know method called “Mentastics”, a division of the Massage technique “Trager MD Psychophysical Integration method. It was developed by the creator, Dr. Milton Trager for those unable to afford or have access to a certified massage Trager MD therapist. Some of the health benefits are that it can as induce a state of relaxation and even improve muscular mobility. I are looking for individuals who are Canadian residents, over the age of 40, diagnosed with any type of chronic non-malignant (non-cancerous) chronic pain in the past 5 years. Ideally you will have a good internet connection with an electronic device that will allow you to view of webpage with a video as well participate in a virtual online interview.


What will we do?

You will be asked to watch a 15-minutes video introducing the Mentastics Trager Md technique.  You will then be asked to participate in a 30-minute virtual online facebook discussion in a group (e-interview) to ask you about your opinions and perceptions of the the Mentastics Trager Md technique video.  You will have a right to answer snd particpate only in the questions you feel comfortable with.  We will look at seeing what movements we can adapt for you and everyone seeking greater options for mobility ...

Please contact we at montreal.pilates@gmail.com to be registered for free at this virtual workshop. 


Length of time:

Total time commitment is approximately 45 min (video= 15 min, Trager discussion class = 30min);




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