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International Network Information

TRAGER Approach services are available in numerous countries. There are currently thirteen TRAGER National Associations and each of them has a website providing information about classes and events, how to find a local accredited Practitioner and certification program details.

Trager International

Telephone: 250-337-5556 / Fax: 250-337-5556

Associazione Trager Italia – ATI

Mouvement Trager France – MTF

Suomen Trager-yhdistys ry – STY

Svenska Tragerföreningen – ST

Trager Canada – TC

Trager Israel - טרייגר ישראל

Trager Québec – AQT

Trager UK – TUK

Trager Verband Deutschland e.V. – TVD

Trager-Verband Schweiz – TVS

Trager-Verein Österreich – TVÖ

United States Trager Association – USTA

Vereniging Trager Approach Nederland – VTAN

Trager Approach Japan - TAJ

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Communicate directly with the Leader of the class you want information about to obtain the details you need. If you wish to give us feedback or need assistance finding the information you are looking for we will be happy to hear from you. Send us an email or fill in the form.